Another mini reunion of 'The Office' happened outside of Steve Carell's 'SNL' episode

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If you watched Saturday Night Live 's Thanksgiving episode you know a mini reunion for The Office took place and it was glorious. But it wasn't alone.

Turns out Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery, who played Angela and Meredith, respectively, on the show, were hanging out on Saturday night, too!

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Kinsey dropped by Flannery and Jane Lynch's "A Swingin' Little Christmas" show on Saturday night and blessed fans of The Office with a few photos and videos on her Instagram story. Perfect timing, girls!

Have a great show ladies! :kissing_heart: @therealkateflannery @janelynchofficial

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And though Kinsey and Flannery seemed to be having their own fun, the former Office star couldn't resist giving her old friends at SNL a shoutout and marveling at the fact that everyone was together.

"My heart..." Kinsey wrote alongside a photo of Carell, Fischer, Helms, and Kemper. "These guys together and me and [Kate Flannery] together. So much #TheOffice love on the internet tonight!"

Image: angela kinsey / instagram

Meanwhile Melora Hardin, who played Jan Levinson on the show, spent the night tweeting about The Office with Chrissy Teigen .

Seems like a good chunk of the original cast is down for a reboot, Steve. What do you say???