3 Keys to Designing Killer Social Media Content [Infographic]

语言: CN / TW / HK

Designing social media content that both works for your brand and is visually appealing can be a challenge, especially if you're running on a limited budget and/or don't have any background in visual design.

During our most recent #SMTLiveTwitter chat, we discussed the best approaches to social media design on a budget, and before closing out the chat, I asked all the participants to share their top tip for social media design. We got a lot of responses, but they all essentially fell under the same three categories. 

The infographic below highlights a few of the tips from our chat, and outlines how you can start implementing these strategies into your own social media design content design.

Note: Although the examples shared in this infographic are all B2C brands, any brand can implement these techniques for better visual content. For example, a B2B brand probably wont show their products, but they can still use the basic guidelines of using photo filters, branded colors, branded fonts and simplicity to keep their imagery appealing and consistent.