The best wired fast chargers

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By Nick Guy and Sarah Witman

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Smartphones are capable of charging a lot faster than they could just a few years ago, but you may not know it because some phone makers (mainly Apple) have continued to include slower chargers in the box. If you have a newer iPhone, you'll need to pick up a third-party USB-C PD unit if you want the fastest possible charging. We spent more than 20 hours testing and researching 14 power banks, wall chargers, and car chargers to find the best fast chargers for home, for car, and even for multiple devices.

If you want to get the fastest possible charge for your iPhone 8 or newer model, we recommend Anker's PowerPort II PD . It's expensive compared to the chargers that Apple includes with iPhones, but it can charge a phone twice as fast—from empty to about 50 percent in only half an hour. Android phones that support 18-watt USB-C PD like the Google Pixel 2 will also charge at their fastest rate with this charger . Plus, the PowerPort II PD is the only 18 W wall charger we tested that has an additional USB-A port that can charge a second device at standard speeds.

Aukey's 18 W Power Delivery Wall Charger is the smallest USB-C PD charger we tested—it's just a little larger than Apple's included 5-watt charger—but it was just as fast as our other picks. It lacks a second charging port, but it's a great option if you just need to charge one phone at top speed or if you need the smallest charger.

Nekteck's PD 45W Type-C Car Charger is the best option for fast charging in the car. Its USB-C port and included cable can charge at up to 45 watts, suitable for pretty much any device (including most laptops), and its USB-A port supports 12-watt charging so you or a passenger can charge a second phone at the same time. The Nekteck charger is the only certified model that sports such high charging rates, and it's the only one to come with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

While the rest of our picks are good for when you're stationary, Aukey's PB-Y13 10000mAh Power Bank with Power Delivery is the best option for the fastest charging while you're on the move. Like the other USB PD chargers we tested, it can get your iPhone charged about halfway in half an hour. And with its two USB-A ports, you can power your other gear as well.

If you want to fast-charge an iPhone or iPad, you'll need to purchase Apple's USB-C to Lightning Cable separately. Apple doesn't yet allow any other companies to use official Lightning connectors on USB-C cables, so none of our picks come with a cable that will work with iPhones.