50 Top Premiere Pro Projects and Templates to Watch in 2019

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We know you'll have some amazing ideas in 2019 to create some really fantastic video productions. We thought we'd help you along with 50 of our favourite Adobe Premiere Pro templates from Envato Elements , where you can download as many as you like for one low subscription cost.

In this article we're covering the top Premiere templates for these key categories: Broadcast Packages , Elements , Infographics , Logo Stings , Openers , Product Promos , Titles , and Video Displays .

Broadcast Packages

Having continuity across all elements of your broadcast makes everything look more professional, but it also makes it easier to watch for your audience, and in time they'll come to recognise your distinct style. A broadcast package is a simple way to make sure your various graphics, text styles and animations have continuity and compliment one another.

1. Broadcast Hand Package Essential Graphics | Mogrt

Broadcast Hand Packageis a nice visual twist on the usual ‘explainer’ type templates. A hand animation brings in your logo or text, before leaving the screen so your information is clear and easy to read.

Broadcast Hand Package Essential Graphics | Mogrt

2.  Popcorn Broadcast Package Essential Graphics | Mogrt

A fun package, Popcorn makes use of a quirky and imaginative popcorn bucket graphic to reveal your information.

3. Lava Broadcast Package | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

With eye-catching colours and subtle motion in the form of ‘lava’ bubbles, this a modern template perfect for YouTubers, fashion shows, vlogs and more.

4. Election Essentials 2018 | Mogrt for Premiere

With 18 different elements, Election Essentials has everything you need for your election package. 

5. Fantasy Football Kit | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Fantasy Football Kitis an easy-to-use, highly customisable template with themed broadcast graphics and everything you need for the perfect project.

6. Shapes and Colors Broadcast Package | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

With bold colour combinations and fancy shapes, this broadcast package is great for a number of projects, including kids’ TV, fashion vlogs and more.


Displaying data is a tricky balance between getting your information across and keeping your audience awake! Infographics are a great visual tool for showing off facts, figures and statistics in a way that will interest a viewer, inform them and best of all, help them to understand your data in a simplified, pleasing way.

7. SEO Corporate Typography Pack for Premiere Pro

SEO Corporate Typography Packfor Premiere Pro is a nicely made, stylish bundle. From flat graphics of people to little office blocks and more traditional charts, it’s got it all. If you like minimal but still want personality and professionalism then this is the template for you.

SEO Corporate Typography Pack for Premiere Pro

8. Isometric Infographics Bundle Premiere Pro

3d charts, bar graphs and pie charts… the Isometric Infographics Bundle has got it all!

9. Creative Process - Flat Design Concepts for Premiere

Enjoy 15 construction kits with this download. Switch elements and backgrounds on and off as needed.

10. Flat Animated Icons Library Essential Graphics | Mogrt

A comprehensive library of icons to cover just about every eventuality!

11. Call-Outs Tool Kit | MOGRT Files for Premiere Pro

Call-Outsincludes 60 motion graphic files with animated titles in three styles and added sound effects.

12. Quantum HUD and HiTech Elements for Premiere Pro

Futuristic and super cool, Quantum would be the perfect fit for a technology or science project.

Logo Stings

Don't just plonk your logo on screen, make the reveal part of your brand. Many production houses slightly change how their logo is revealed depending on the style of film they're making. It's a great way to be creative and relevant to your current project, while still displaying your all-important icon.

13. Exploding Logo Reveal

Dazzle your audience with a dramatic logo reveal that packs a punch: Exploding Logo Reveal . Just pop your logo or text into the placeholder and you’re ready to go, you won’t need any plugins to use this and there’s a link included to the music used.

Exploding Logo Reveal

14. Epic Pirate Logo

Yar! There’s no need to walk the plank with this Epic Pirate Logo so gather up your pirate clichés and enjoy going FULL PIRATE with this great template.

15. Youtube Logo Reveal

A simple but effective 2d animation, YouTube Logo Reveal is dynamic and fun.

16. World Logo Reveal

With 4 versions included, World Logo is a particle reveal that would be great for a news broadcast.

17. Sci-Fi Glitch Logo

A modern reveal with a glitch twist, Sci-Fi Glitch Logo is something creative and different that would add interest to any project.

18. Particle Burst Logo Reveal Premiere Pro

Reveal your logo in a popular particle burst with this template for Premiere Pro .

19. Logo Identity Premiere Pro

Change the background, colour grading and logo easily, with this 4k UHD download.


Where would we be without the people who create the things we just don't know we need... until we need them! No matter how great we get at titles or lower thirds, creating specific graphic elements can just be too big an ask, so it's handy to be able to choose from templates that already exist and can just be customised to suit.

20. Analog Clock Creator For Premiere

Time flies, stands still… or does whatever you want it to do with the Analog Clock Creator for Premiere Pro . Choose the speed, size, colour and duration of the clock effect, and add to any background.

Analog Clock Creator For Premiere

21. ActionFX | Fire Smoke Water Effects for Premiere Pro

59 action packed effects await you in the ActionFX pack. Super flexible and fun for a number of projects.

22. Comic Bubbles MOGRT

You too can KABOOM and KREKKKKK in finest traditional comic book style, with Comic Bubbles .

23. Flash FX Abstract Shapes

Swoop and swirl with the best of them, with Flash FX Abstract Shapes , a great way to create fun transitions or text reveals.

24. Flip Counter Creator for Premiere

Got something exciting coming up? Try the Flip Counter Creator for Premiere Pro to create a buzz leading up to the big day.

25. Text Message

Create a modern text message effect with speech bubbles that scale automatically to fit your message.


Your opener is your first chance to capture your viewer's attention and impress them. Try opener templates that fit your genre of movie and add professionalism and style to the production.

26. Newspaper Openers

Read all about it! The Newspaper Openers template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a fun way to display your project’s opening sequence in traditional newspaper format. It works with images, video and text and there’s a helpful video included in case you get stuck.

Newspaper Openers

27. Stomped Opener | For Premiere PRO

Stompedis an eye-catching, energetic and upbeat opener based around kinetic typography. 

28. Dynamic Urban Opener

Modern and cool, Dynamic Urban Opener has a clean design suited to sport, fashion and more.

29. Paint Opener

Paint Openeris abstract and pretty with a really unique style; great if you want to try something a bit different.

30. Sport Motivational Opener

Action-packed and designed to inspire, Sport Motivational Opener will have your audience ready to grab their running shoes.

31. Elegant Opener

Minimal and clean but with cinematic qualities, Elegant Opener adds a touch of class to any production.

32. 80's VHS Intro Pack | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

11 animated intros await you in the 80’s VHS Intro Pack for Premiere Pro with Tron, Miami Vice and Back to the Future inspired vibes.

Lower Thirds

I find lower thirds often get overlooked, but they're really important tools to get across interviewees' names and titles, locations or other key information. Doing this in a consistent, unobtrusive and yet still pleasing-to-the-eye way can be hard, and that's where templates really shine.

33. Social Media Lower Thirds

Give your social media promos a professional and themed look with the Social Media Lower Thirds set, with all the popular channels included: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Social Media Lower Thirds

34 Self Resizing Lower Thirds

Take the fuss out of getting your lower thirds right with Self Resizing Lower Thirds !

35. Box Lower Thirds

Box Lower Thirdsare modern and fun, with a cartoon style.

36. Minimal Lower Thirds

Classic, minimal lower thirds suited for any project – just drop into your timeline.

37. Clean Lower Thirds for Premiere

Clean Lower Thirdsincludes 22 options with easy colour customisation and duration controls.

38. Elegant Lower Thirds for Premiere

Simple, but with a pop of colour, Elegant Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro are visually interesting without distracting from your information.


Consistency is key with titles, but you don't want them to be boring either. A great titles template is one that offers a recognisably uniform style but offers the flexibility of subtle changes like colour, so that you can make it right for your video.

39. 16 Minimal Titles

Chock full of variety, 16 Minimal Titles is a great set of high-quality options to give your project professionalism and style. They’re easy to edit and customise, and would work well with a number of video projects.

40. Minimal Glitch Titles

Try a glitch effect without overpowering your message with the Minimal Glitch Titles download.

41. Redacted Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Titles, the government conspiracy way with Redacted Titles. Great for documentaries.

42. Glow Title

With 2 scenes and 4 animation styles, Glow Title will really show off your production in the best light.

43. Pro Titles 4k Mogrt

Pro Titles contains 26, 4k motion graphic animations and includes an After Effects p roject for advanced customisation.

44. Charging Streaks Title

Charging Streaksis a title template with a real buzz. It’s easy to customise in just a few clicks.

Video Displays

If you're showing off images or video in a slideshow then why not do it with one that's themed to the style of your project? A template is a time-saving way to display your wares and make a nice-looking end product to boot.

45. Horror Trailer

This is a nicely made and absolutely terrifying trailer, perfect for your horror movie. It works with any font and comes in full HD with grunge textures and glitch animations. Just don’t expect your audience to come see the sequel if you frighten them to death.

Horror Trailer

46. Fast Slideshow Premiere Pro

Just drag and drop your video or images into the template to get going at top speed with Fast Slideshow .

47. Digital Slideshow

Clean but still visually interesting, Digital Slideshow is a great way to add subtle movement to your intro if you’re using stills.

48. Slideshow - Fashionable Promo

Strike a pose for the Fashionable Promo Slideshow . It’s modern, smooth and packed with style!

49. Clean Corporate - Premiere Promo

There’s no reason for your business production to be boring; try Clean Corporate for Premiere Pro .

50. The History Premiere Pro

One for your documentary or personal family history project, The History is the perfect way to display archive images.

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