Why Developers Love to Use TypeScript in 2019?

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Comparison JavaScript TypeScript
Usage JavaScript is a scripting language which follows client-side programming. It is used to develop interactive web pages. This means without needing anything from the web browser, and it easily runs on the web browser of the user. TypeScript is a development language based on JavaScript. It is used to write simple JavaScript code and this code can be run on any browser which offers support for ECMAScript 3 or the versions newer to it.
Data Binding In JavaScript there is no concept of describing data with interfaces and types. TypeScript makes use of interfaces and types to describe the data.
Ecosystem In case of JavaScript, you can code without having any kind of build step. TypeScript comes with an intuitive ecosystem. This way, you can have some of the JavaScript features included in your project.
Learning Curve JavaScript is easy and flexible. TypeScript comes with a stiff learning curve.
Prototyping Prototyping is absent in case of JavaScript. TypeScript comes with the feature of prototyping.
Code Compilation You don’t need to compile the code in TypeScript. You need to compile the code in TypeScript.
Annotation No annotations are needed in JavaScript. Developers need to annotate their code constantly best output.