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Built on top of Google Chrome's V8 Engine, Node.js (and its companion framework, Express.js) have come to dominate much of backend development, especially when JavaScript is your language of choice on the server-side. In this edition of "Best of DZone," we're going to take a look into the two frameworks to better understand key pieces of functionality and how they work in tandem to create applications.

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What You Node to Know

  • A Look Into Node.jsby Rohitha Elsa Philip gives readers the background they need to understand the basics of Node, so potential users can make an informed decision on whether the framework is right for their specific situation and project. 

  • Common User for Node.js will serve to further contextualize the understanding gained from the previous piece, as readers will get to hear a developer familiar with Node.js provide specific use cases for the framework. 

  • After you have some background on Node, take a deep dive into what's under Node's hood with this two-part series byJustin Albano that focuses on everything from npm, to event loops, and Node's architecture. Part one and two can be foundhereandhere. 

  • In this short and sweet tutorial byShishir Kumar, readers can go through a fun tutorial that'll help them get started using npm by creating a multicolor display in the console. 

  • If you're coming from a Java background and looking to get started with JavaScript for web development, then What Is Node.js for Java Developers is the article for you.Ratha KM breaks down the runtime environment, application and deployment architecture of Node applications and contextualizes all of the information with comparisons to Java frameworks.  

  • For those not familiar with asynchronous programming, this tutorial byDan McGhan is a must-read, as he explains the sticky intricacies of working asynchronous patterns in Node.js .

Express vs the Rest

  • In Express vs. Spring Boot byPlebani Alberto andExpress vs. Hapi byDave Swersky, readers get a chance to see Express compared to other frameworks for backend web development in order to better understand the pros and cons of using Express. 
  • Creating a Node Application Using Express Generator byVipul Malhotra is perfect for anyone just looking to get up and going with Express. Vipul walks readers through the installation process for Express and demonstrates how to generate a starting template for a Node application. 

HTTP Basics

  • If you're just starting out with web development or have been getting your feet wet but want to nail down some basics, this comprehensive, five-part series on HTTP functionality byVladimir Pecanac will do wonders for you.

    Part onecovers core concepts,part twolooks into HTTP architecture,part threefocuses on client identification,part fourgoes in-depth on authentication mechanisms, whilepart fivelooks at the fundamentals of SSL/TLS. 

  • In thisarticle byMax McCarty, readers can find a one-stop-shop for all things sessions, including session basics, security (preventing session hijacking), session and cookie-time-to-live, flags, and session regeneration. 

Node Routes

  • In his article, Create Routes With Node and Express ,Braden Kelly walks readers through the basics behind routs in Node and Express and demonstrates how to create a simple app with a router in Express. 

  • In thisarticlebyArslan ud Din Shafiq, readers can see first-hand how to work with GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT methods in order to better understand HTTP requests and routing in Express.js.  

  • Route Data in Express.js byAbhijeet Sutar shows readers how to get data sent from the client in Express' server route handler by using Query and URL parameters, header data, post body data, and file multi-part data. 

Streams, Threads, and Buffering... Oh My!

Find a (Database) Connection

  • Learn How to Use SQL Server With Node.js byDavid Neal walks readers through every part of the process needed to work with Node and SQL server, beginning with installation and ending with a brief demo application. 

  • Similarly, in The Express-Starter in a Structured Way bySibu Stephen gives readers the opportunity to make an application that fetches movie names from an unstructured, PostgreSQL database. 

  • In thisarticle, authorNagappan Subramanian walks readers through the process of connecting their Node.js application to MongoDB without using Mongoose.

  • Once, readers have that process checked off their to-do list, they can check out thisarticlebyArtyom Keydunov that demonstrates how to create an analytics dashboard with Express, Node, MongoDB, and Cube.js. 

  • In Relational to JSON With Node.js , Dan McGhan makes yet another appearance in this article, as he walks readers generating JSON objects in Node.js by first mimicking PL/SQL solutions and second optimizing a solution for Node.js. Be sure to check out another of Dan's articles , as he explains how callback functions can be used to interact with a database. 

Creating and Using APIs

  • In Creating an API in Node.js byVipul Malhotra, readers get to see how to create an API and use an express-generator package and MySQL to interact with it. 

  • Getting Started With Node.js, Express, and Mongoose byKevin Hooke shows readers how to set up a REST-based backend using npm. 

  • In thisarticle, developerMykola Striletskyy demonstrates to readers how to develop a boilerplate for forum-like application with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB in order to give readers useful tips that will refine the structure of their APIs. 

  • Thisarticle byCarmine DiMascio walks readers through validating API requests using an OpenAPI 3 Specification. 

Node.js Security

  • In this firstarticle on security in Node.js and Express,Max McCarty walks readers through enforcing user account requirements in order to better ensure the security of user passwords in your application. 

  • Chris Berry shows readers how to add a simple security model to the application, which will accept a login, validate a user, redirect to a secure page, enable a logout, and catch any errors which occur during the process in his article, Node + Express for a Simple Security Model

  • Vivek Yadav, in his article, Ensuring the Security of Your APIs , provides a run-down on types of APIs and clients and methods for protecting information held in APIs. 

  • Learn how to protect your application using JSON Web Tokens to create a stateless authentication protocol withYos Riady in Stateless Authentication With JSON Web Tokens .

  • David Bohannon discusses vulnerabilities in the MEAN stack, including case-insensitive routing and middleware order, in his article, Express.js: Preventing Common Vulnerabilities in the MEAN Stack

Node and Express Applications

  • In this series by our very ownJordan Baker, Jordan walks readers through creating a Node.js application from scratch.Part onefocuses on installation and getting a "Hello, world" program up and running.Part twowakes a look at templating engines, whileparts threeandfourshow readers how to transfer data between pages and making the application responsive respectively. 

  • In thisarticle,Sibeesh Venu offers readers a tutorial on creating a chat application with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Sibeesh covers everything from frontend and backend setup to creating and receiving requests and implementing 

  • In what's come to be myfavorite article in this series, developerPaul Pinard offers readers a fully comprehensive tutorial on creating a chatbot with Node and SAP Conversational AI that makes tv/movie recommendations to users based on whether the user wants to watch a movie or tv show, what genre they're interested in, and what language they prefer. 



  • Using OpenShift and Node.js,Cesar Valdez removed some of the monotony of deploying microservices with OpenShift and Node.js. Check out thislink to see how he did it. 

TypeScript and Node

  • For those of you who are still enamored with TypeScript, check out thistutorial byVladimir Upirov, as he shows readers how to use TypeScript with Node.js in a few, simple steps. 

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