Bookery - Manage your epubs and send it to your Amazon Kindle

语言: CN / TW / HK

Bookery V2

Based on Vue + Laravel

Manage all your ebooks locally and send it to your reader! Install Bookery on your NAS (i.e. Synology) and drop all your epubs into the upload field. Bookery will extract the needed metadata (author, title, cover) and organize the needed folder structure. You can easily search all your books and send them with 2 clicks directly on your reader! - Works with Amazon Kindle!


Make sure, you have following installed:

  1. Apache / NginX
  2. MySQL / MariaDB
  3. PHP 7.2+ & ZIP-Module

Install the requirements and setup in the following order:

  1. composer install

  2. rename .env.example to .env

  3. php artisan key:generate

  4. php artisan jwt:secret

  5. php artisan storage:link

  6. Setup your DB-Access in .env file

  7. Setup Emailaccount in .env

  8. php artisan migrate

  9. npm install

  10. Configure Webserver or use artisan serve

  11. Open /register and register your account

  12. Login to your account - Done


Once you're logged-in, just drop your .epub-files in the Uploader. Bookery will upload and extract the files to save the metadata to the database.

Does it work with my Amazon Kindle?

Yes! Just enter your Kindle Mail-Address during registration and Bookery will send it it to your Kindle. No need to convert files, if you send the book als a .png -File. Amazon will do the converting for you.

Missing Feature?

Feel free to contribute or suggest new features!